Things to consider when you have cracked stucco

One of the major problems with old stucco is cracking. You see small cracks all over the house, sometimes even in the joints of the building bricks themselves. Also, applying too much water to the stucco will damage the brick and the stone that is installed below the stucco. There is a lot more to stucco than just that, so I have written a little article about stucco maintenance for those of you who just don’t know a lot about stucco.

Stucco Defect

Most people will just want their old stucco painted to look new again. Some will even try to remove the cracked stucco but the problem with that is usually that you will loose the look of the existing stucco as well as the color underneath the old stucco. Always try to remove what you can before working on the cracked stucco to insure you get a clean professional finish. For professional stucco services in Colorado Springs, reach out to Stucco Repair Colorado Springs and they’ll get you straightened out.

Sometimes stucco can have a lot of damage done to it, especially if it has been painted over already. When you have many layers of paint you may even consider patching the stucco rather than removing and replacing all of it. You can usually install sheet rock over the existing stucco and then match the stucco to the sheet rock so you end up with a new layer that looks like the existing stucco. These are only temporary alternatives till you can get a professional to do a proper stucco repair job on the entire house.

New stucco is more expensive than the existing stump and paint removal. It’s going to be worth your while to do a new stucco if you have the money to spend it. A new stucco job will look brand new, but it will need to be done professionally or you will have unsightly gaps around the room. Also, if you have just painted over the current stucco then you are going to have color running through the room if it continues to get wet. If you already have paint on the walls you can just remove the old stucco and make sure to put down an even primer when you repaint your walls somewhere down the line.

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